Turf Weed, Crabgrass, Fertilizing and Disease Control

Part of living in Chelan and  North Central Washington is being able to have a lush lawn.  We offer liquid weed and feed services to give you a lush and healthy lawn that will leave your neighbors envious. All of our products are approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and the Washington State Departments of Ecology and Agriculture. In addition to applying herbicides, fertilizer, and insecticides our trained and licensed technicians offer advice for proper cultural practices like proper mowing height and irrigation. Good cultural practices help prevent weeds, disease, and reduce the amount irrigation needed.

Crabgrass is a real nuisance.  Unlike some of the broad-leaf weeds, crabgrass can be difficult to control.  We are experts when it comes to crabgrass eradication.  We know what works and what doesn’t.  If you want to take control of your lawn and get rid of the unsightly results of crabgrass.  Give us a call.  We can help you get that nice green lawn back.