Bareground weed control-One application to take care of weeds year round.

Bare Ground Vegetation Management

We use a combination of equipment and methods to ensure that product delivery meets the individual customers’ needs.

This allows us to create an individualized program to efficiently treat the weeds as well as fit customers’ budgets.

Part of the the appeal of living in North Central Washington and the Chelan area is having room to spread out a bit.  Along with that room comes larger pieces of ground where you have to manage weeds.  Bare ground weed control usually involves using pre-emergent herbicides. This type of treatment is employed when total vegetation management is required. Typical sites include rights of way, fence lines, railroads, utilities, drive ways, storage areas, and industrial sites. The primary reason for bare ground vegetation management is for safety; helping to prevent fire and allowing for sight distance on rights of way.

In North Central Washington bare ground vegetation treatments are typically done in the fall to insure that the proper amount of moisture is present to activate the pre-emergent chemistries. Typical pre-emergent chemistries remain active in the soil six to twelve months.

This treatment would also be recommended to control Noxious weeds-don’t wait until it’s too late and the weeds have grown, schedule the Bare Ground weed control for spring or fall to get ahead of the weeds.