Chelan and Manson Home and Yard Insect & Spider Control

Chelan and Manson are unique areas and we know how to effectively treat spiders, insects, and pests in the valley. The safety of our customers is important to us. All of our products are approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Washington State Departments of Ecology and Agriculture for use in around homes and businesses. Our company and technicians are licensed and insured and use equipment that is up to date and well maintained.

A large part of our business is insect control. Some of the more problematic insects in North Central Washington and the Chelan area include ants, spiders, aphids, box elder bugs, cockroaches, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets and turf insects. Most insects are treated on the outside of structures and to vegetation with broad spectrum insecticides while being careful not to harm beneficial insects and pollinators. In some cases with insects like ants and cockroaches it is necessary to treat inside your home or business. In this instance bait is injected into the cracks and crevasses in the areas where insects are found. After foraging on the bait the insects take it back to their nest killing off the entire colony.